We care for your employees

Healthier and more productive employees. Lower sickness costs. Lower claims expenditure. Doesn’t that sound like a solid return on your investment?  Here’s how we take you there.

24/7 responsive and caring customer service

Your employees want to feel cared for. We don’t think it’s enough to provide round-the-clock customer service in over 50 languages. We want every member to feel that he or she can reach out to us – in good or bad health – and find a caring, compassionate person on the other end.

Additionally, with several case managers based in Africa, targeted, personalised and insightful clinical support is never far away.


Easy access to a global network of quality health care providers

A network of more than one million health care professionals and facilities around the globe and +1.550 directly contracted health care providers in Africa, combined with several price agreements to ensure high-quality medical care at competitive prices.


Direct payment for all inpatient treatment in provider network*

No need to worry about administration and payment of invoices.



Local support in remote regions

Taking our caring approach one step further, medical evacuation is a standard inclusion in all our plans. We provide coverage for transportation costs to the nearest centre of medical excellence in the event that the treatment is not available locally in case of an emergency.

Personal membership card 

Plan members will receive a membership card with a unique personal reference number. This card, that is also available online, ensures admittance to hospitals within our network and contains all contact information you may need.